The stats of CoinMarketCap depicts the total sales value of all cryptocurrencies, which peaked at about $3 trillion as of November 2021. This expressive value makes us comprehend how crypto assets are being adopted worldwide. The concept of decentralization has seized the attention of a wide range of audiences, from big shots to college teens.
History has repeatedly shown us the appearance of forward-thinking individuals, people that introduced new concepts and technologies that advanced and changed life on the planet in many ways. Examples are Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein, to name just a few.
Humankind's curiosity about life outside Earth is not a secret, considering the countless portrayals on the big screen now seem possible to be explored with the work of a single individual. Elon Musk's ambitious plan of making humans a multi-planetary species could suggest he is either one of history's greats or maybe not from this world.
The aspiring vision of this game-changer individual made us come up with a ground-breaking project to offer unshakeable support to his dream.
InpulseX is a cryptocurrency project created to support the biggest mission of humankind, which is to become a multi-planetary species. As great supporters of blockchain and digital currency, we shall leverage this emerging technology to add additional support to the dream of colonizing Mars into reality. Wonder how?
$IPX is the key!
$IPX is the native token of the platform. $IPX holders will have a series of benefits from investing, at the same time, supporting the most extraordinary, mission ever conceived. It is a full-fledged, modern-day crypto token that aids the audience worldwide to have access and receive the full benefits of decentralization. It will create awareness of this interplanetary journey's optimistic vision and support it by raising funds through our $IPX tokens. A generous 28% of the $IPX total supply will be allocated to the ambitious Red planet mission led by Elon Musk via SpaceX.
The $IPX community will benefit from rewards paid in a stable coin, unique NFT's collectables airdrops, and an out-of-this-world: play-to-earn game experience. On top of all those fantastic benefits, $IPX supporters will be part of history by directly participating in the most extraordinary mission of humankind.