Transaction Fee of $IPX Token

$IPX tokens have a built-in fee that is initiated with all the transactions. The platform incurs a transaction charge of 10% when you buy, sell, or transfer the token. This percentage is split up in the following ways.

Rewards Distribution

Our smart contract is designed to' allocate 4% of every transaction and distribute as stable coin rewards to token holders according to the amount of $IPX held in their wallets.


The smart contract automatically provides 3% of every transaction to the liquidity pool. Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that are locked into a smart contract to facilitate efficient asset trading. $IPX LP tokens will be locked by a third-party smart contract company and renewed every year.

Game Development

A 2% fee will be used for developing the play-to-earn game and its marketing campaigns.


The remaining 1% will be used as a buyback feature to be exercised in the future to improve the project further.