$IPX - The Native Token

$IPX is a new token to be build on the incredible PulseChain, focusing on energy efficiency, cheaper fees and faster transactions.
The token provides phenomenal privileges through the InpulseX utilities. $IPX will be the prime instrument of payment and transactions to the ecosystem. It ensures constant growth and potential lucrative returns for the token holders. The various utilities offered are as follows.


One of the most exciting benefits for $IPX token holders is the rewards capability. Simply by holding $IPX tokens, the community will receive rewards for every transaction that occurs in its blockchain. To avoid unnecessary exposure to the notorious crypto market volatility, $IPX holders will accumulate rewards in a stable coin. These revenues stand as an excellent passive income solution for all token holders. The longer you HODL, the more you earn, simple.


$IPX is a governance token created to allow token holders to help shape the future of the project. $IPX holders can influence decisions by exercising their voting rights.
The voting rights are measured by the number of tokens you hold at the time of each proposal. The proposals will be a list of key decisions created by the team to be decided together with the community. The project believes in the strength of like-minded people working towards the same goal. Together we can make history!

Collectable and In-Game NFTs

NFTs are indeed taking the world by storm and are incredibly relevant to $IPX ecosystem. We step into the NFT space by offering unique collections from top worldwide known artists.
From super rare collectables to in-game playable NFTs, the most loyal $IPX holders will benefit from exclusive surprise airdrops.
A snapshot will be taken from time to time, and the top holders will automatically receive one NFT each. For each airdrop event, the 10 rarest NFTS will be allocated randomly. The rest of the collection will be available to purchase direct form the $IPX website and other relevant platforms.