Terms and Conditions

Before making any investment, we strongly recommend conducting thorough research on your own (DYOR). It is crucial that you take full responsibility for your investment decisions within the I.C.G. ecosystem.

I.C.G. will not be held accountable for any changes to the project details, including but not limited to TGE (Token Generation Event) delays, MVP (Minimum Viable Product) progress, FDV (Fully Diluted Valuation), token distribution, vesting periods, token value at the listing, launch timelines, or any other potential delays.

The project reserves the right to issue refunds based on individual agreements.

You are responsible for sending funds from a non-custodial wallet to the correct address and providing accurate wallet information to receive project tokens in the future. I.C.G. will not be held liable for any errors in data input made by you.

I.C.G. assumes no responsibility for any human errors that may occur during any stage of the process involving other parties.

Please ensure you send the correct amount specified for your designated tier before the stated deadline in the relevant I.C.G. announcement. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your investment.

All deals within I.C.G. operate on a "First-Come, First-Served" basis, and there is no guarantee of securing a spot in all deals.

Sharing any deal-related information with individuals outside your specific tier is strictly prohibited. Violating this policy will not only lead to the loss of your funds but also result in the removal of your tier and the forfeiture of all rights associated with the X.M.C.

I.C.G. retains the right to modify the minimum/maximum investment amounts or guaranteed allocations for any tier, depending on each project's requirements or the number of X.M.C. members within each tier.

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