Staking IPX

Stake the IPX equivalent in $(USD) to access the tier of your choice.

To join the X.M.C. you must stake the correct amount of IPX for the desired timeframe from the above chart. Anyone can join the pool at anytime.

  • Determine the X.M.C. tier you want to join.

  • Navigate to the new Single Staking IPX Dashboard, and connect the wallet holding the IPX tokens.

  • Select the Staking Pool option in the IPX Dashboard. Lock your IPX tokens and confirm the transaction.

  • Join the InpulseX Universe Ecosystem Discord and verify your tier.

  • Once verified, you will gain access to the specific channel of your XMC Tier.

Anyone can withdraw from the pool after half of the period has passed, e.g. If you stake for 12 months, you cannot withdraw your initial tokens before 6 months. However, you can withdraw after 6 months with a penalty of 30%, plus all accumulative rewards will be lost and sent to a burn contract. This 30% fee will be reduced evenly over the remaining period.

When a staking period has ended, you can fully withdraw your initial IPX tokens and the reward IPX tokens from our dashboard.

Rewards can only be claimed when the staking pool has ended.

Withdrawing before, during or after will result in losing your position in the X.M.C.

Once a staking pool has been completed, you have the option to join a new pool. In order to remain in the X.M.C. at all times - Stay tuned for future announcements.

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