The InpulseX Team

JAY Founder & CEO
The mastermind behind InpulseX Introducing Jay, The Creator. With 18 years of experience in marketing, technology, and international business management, Jay is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of success. He co-founded an app company in London in 2013 and later founded a venture aimed at building the first immersive dome park in London, partnering with established companies in the USA & Russia.
Currently, Jay runs a marketing company in Dubai, leveraging his expertise to help businesses achieve success in the digital age. But his passion for crypto, art, technology, and the mysteries of the universe inspired him to create InpulseX.
Jay used to manage a multimillion-dollar crypto fund, specialising in early-stage projects from 2017 to 2022. With his vast knowledge and experience in the industry, Jay is the perfect leader to spearhead InpulseX's mission. He embodies the core values of the company - creativity, innovation, and passion, and his unparalleled expertise and strategic thinking make him the driving force behind InpulseX's success.
Join InpulseX to have access to an experienced and visionary leader committed to taking the company to new heights.
ROD Operations Director
The Pinnacle of Delivery Excellence
In collaboration with Jay, Rod is the driving force behind successful deliveries, boasting an impressive 24-year track record in the technology sector. He has worked with renowned global corporations such as EDS, HP, Accenture, Telefonica, Unilever, Virgin Active, Costa Coffee and Maersk.
Rod's expertise lies in leading highly competent teams and executing complex international mergers and acquisitions projects. He possesses a remarkable aptitude for breaking down the "big picture" into manageable components, ensuring effective and efficient delivery at every stage.
Rod is an ardent crypto enthusiast and manages a crypto investment fund in the UK, specialising in algorithmic and leverage trading.
FREDERICK Business Development Director
The Master of Deal-Making
With over 18 years in the luxury market, Freddie has successfully established one of Europe's largest private jet companies. His exceptional sales abilities and natural talent for closing deals have enabled him to forge an extensive network of the world's most affluent individuals, many of whom now consider Freddie, a close friend.
Freddie plays a pivotal role in the InpulseX Core Team, poised to leverage his top-tier connections, including crypto entrepreneurs, elite investors, and celebrities, to bolster the project and the Mars Mission.
Although a seasoned professional, Freddie is a true crypto pioneer, having been an early adopter since 2010. His wealth of knowledge in the crypto sphere is genuinely remarkable and invaluable to any endeavour.
SCOTT Marketing Director
The Maestro of Networking
Scott, a seasoned marketing expert and exceptional leader, boasts more than 18 years of experience promoting, constructing, and directing multi-disciplinary teams. He excels in expanding and marketing companies, particularly within the investment and aviation sectors.
Scott's extensive expertise encompasses intricate client organisations, cultivating and guiding top-performing teams, and specialising in expediting transformation for institutions and organisations. His proficiency in marketing and networking makes him a formidable force in his field.
DARRYL Creative Director
The Visionary Lens Master
Darryl's innate grasp of rhythm, movement, and on-screen chemistry has culminated in a distinct and captivating stylistic approach. His professional filmmaking career has taken him to over 30 countries worldwide, working with various models, actors, agencies, artists, and companies across numerous campaigns.
He has collaborated with prestigious brands such as Netflix, Virgin Media, Norwegian Cruise Line, Red Bull Studios, I-D magazine, and VICE. Recently, Darryl has written and directed a collection of short films based in Los Angeles and is currently producing his feature film debut.
Darryl is thrilled and honoured to contribute his exceptional talents to the InpulseX team as they embark on their interplanetary odyssey.
ANNA NFT Artistic Director
The Connoisseur of Artistic Brilliance
Before dedicating her ingenuity and expertise to InpulseX NFT Collections, Anna thrived in the cutting-edge sphere of experiential marketing. She delved into and integrated advanced digital immersive and interactive experiences into live events, brand activations, and corporate ventures. Along the way, she encountered many progressive, multi-talented artists, some of whom will soon be represented with pride by InpulseX.
Anna's uplifting attitude and vibrant energy inspire everyone around her to strive for excellence and success.
RAFAEL Graphic Design Manager
The Swift and Skilled Virtuoso
Armed with a degree in Graphic Design & Marketing and 15 years of experience, this accomplished artist has collaborated with top agencies from diverse industries in numerous countries throughout South America and Europe.
Reminiscing about childhood days spent watching Star Trek and dreaming of interplanetary travels, this creative genius is eager to join the InpulseX journey, exclaiming, "Beam me up, InpulseX!"
LISA Partnerships Manager
The Sorceress
Having accumulated years of administrative and moderating experience in the Crypto industry, I have successfully established solid relationships with significant players in the community. My exceptional communication skills enable me to form strategic partnerships for InpulseX based on shared business objectives. As a natural relationship-builder, I have continuously fostered prosperous partnerships.
In my role as a Partnership Manager at InpulseX, obtaining and nourishing these partnerships is crucial in driving growth and expanding our company's reach. My deep passion for InpulseX's mission has fuelled my eagerness to work alongside like-minded individuals and organisations with the aim of achieving our shared objectives.
PATRICK Relations Manager
Patrick is a seasoned crypto aficionado acquiring years of administrative and moderating experience. He has nurtured a growing network and developed a passion for forging lasting relationships with fellow crypto enthusiasts and professionals alike and continues to work with various crypto organizations, amassing a wealth of experience and unique insights into this rapidly evolving industry.
CRYPTO GLASSON Business Development
The Deal Specialist
Well-known in the crypto space, CryptoGlasson has spent the past six years exploring the depths and crevices of this industry, emerging as a reputable strategic deal maker. Having built strong relationships with the crème de la crème of the VC world and closely associated with numerous emerging personalities and projects, Glasson is instrumental in ensuring that InpulseX creates elite partnerships.
With an ever-growing wealth of knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, Glasson is committed to shaping InpulseX into the giant it deserves to be.
Glasson's strongest attribute is their ability to get the job done, leaving nothing to chance.
MUZA Unreal Engine Developer
The 3D Expert
As a 3D artist, my area of expertise lies in Unreal Engine 5, where I specialise in character modelling, animation, environment design, etc. I possess the skill to create exceptional 3D models and animations that cater to video games, product visualisation projects, and short films. Over the years, I have accumulated vast experience, and with this, I am dedicated to bringing the InpulseX vision to life with mesmerising 3D models, breath-taking environments, and much more.
POUYA Head of Development
Cross-Domain Tech Prodigy
As CEO and Founder of Kenshi, I spearhead a team creating an innovative all-in-one platform for blockchain development. Our focus on cutting-edge technology and user experience propels us to push the limits of what's possible in the blockchain world.
As CTO of Equip, I oversee the development of custom electronics, firmware, backends, and mobile apps. With vast software development experience and a passion for innovation, I'm excited to be part of such an exciting project.
At InpulseX, I'm responsible for developing their website, staking dashboard, and smart contracts. It's an honour to work with a talented team on a project with the potential to revolutionize the crypto world, providing support for the Mars mission.
Driven by a passion for decentralized computing, I invented my own distributed programming language. My involvement in the blockchain industry is driven by this fascination, and I'm thrilled to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible. With 15+ years of software development experience and a proven record of running successful businesses, I bring knowledge and expertise to every project I undertake.