I.C.G. Details

To be part of the I.C.G., you will first need to be part of the appropriate tier within X.M.C. to qualify.

  • Once you join the X.M.C. through Discord, you can then gain access to a private chat group where we will present upcoming investment opportunities.

  • There you will receive a form with all the project details, including team details/experience, tokenomics, vesting details, min/max allocations for each tier etc., plus quality Due Diligence.

  • Once you have contributed, we will keep you up-to-date with the project's progression.

  • Tokens will be allocated as per the vesting schedule the project has outlined.

  • Please note that all investments are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Acting quickly and efficiently to secure your place in any given investment opportunity is important, as spaces are limited and demand can be high.


  • "Super Xstronaut": Guaranteed access to Tier 1 (1-10% of a project's allocation)

  • "Space Major": Guaranteed access to Tier 2 (1-4% of a project's allocation)

  • "Space Captain": Guaranteed access to Tier 3 (1-2% of a project's allocation)

  • "Trainee" and "Recruit": Will participate in a lottery system to Tier 4 (1% of project's allocation)

For example, if we have a $50,000 allocation for a project (Project X), as shown above in the flow chart

  • Tier 1 will be able to invest between $500 (1%) and $5,000 (10%)

  • Tier 2 will be able to invest between $500 (1%) and $2,000 (4%)

  • Tier 3 will be able to invest between $500 (1%) and $1,000 (2%)

  • Tier 4 winners will be able to invest $500 (1%)

Important Note: We will only accept slots of even amounts of $500.

For example, Tier 2 wants to invest $1,244. They would need to invest only $1,000 or $1,500.

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